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Power Edge Pro is coming to Jordan

Power Edge Pro is coming to Jordan sign up if you want to take your skating to the next level!

Midget Select registration is now open

Midget select registration is now open

Goalie Clinic

There will be a goalie clinic Tuesday October 6; novice, atom and peewee between 6:30-8pm Bantam and Midget between 7-8pm Cost:$30 for 1 hr session

Select Registration and Try Outs are here!

Date clarification; Thursday Oct 8, not 7th for Atom. Select registration is now open! Visit the JLMHA site and register today! Try out dates are...

Used equipment can be donated to $5 sale

Please bring any used equipment you might have at home for the $5 sale. Equipment can be left upstairs. All proceeds from the sale will be donated t...

Draft Schedule for 2015

2015-2016 Draft Schedule

Saturday, Sept . 12

9:00 am => Minor Novice (2008)
10:00 am => Major Novice (2007)
11:00 am => Minor Atom (2006)
12:00 pm => Major Atom (2005)
1:00 pm => Minor PeeWee (2004)
2:00 pm => Major Peewee (2003)
3:00 pm => Minor Bantam (2002)
4:00 pm => Major Bantam (2001)

Monday, Sept. 14

5:30 => Minor PeeWee (2004)
6:30 pm => Major Peewee (2003)
7:30 pm => Minor Bantam (2002)
8:30 pm => Major Bantam (2001)

Tuesday, Set 15

8:00 => Minor Midget (2000)
9:00 => Major Midget (1998 & 1999)

Wednesday, Sept 16

5:30 => Minor Novice (2008)
6:30 pm => Major Novice (2007)
7:30 pm => Minor Bantam (2002)
8:30 pm => Major Bantam (2001)

Thursday, Sept 17

8:00 => Minor Midget (2000)
9:00 => Major Midget (1998 & 1999)

Friday, Sept 18

4:30 => Minor Tyke (2010)
5:30 pm => Major Tyke (2009)
6:30 pm => Minor Atom (2006)
7:30 pm => Major Atom (2005)

Saturday Sept 19

10:30 am => Tyke (2009 & 2010)
12:00 pm => Minor Novice (2008)
1:00 pm => Major Novice (2007)
2:00 pm => Minor Atom (2006)
3:00 pm => Major Atom (2005)
4:00 pm => Minor PeeWee (2004)
5:00 pm => Major Peewee (2003)

Monday, Sept. 21
5:30 => Minor PeeWee (2004) DRAFT DAY
6:30 pm => Major Peewee (2003) DRAFT DAY
7:30 pm => Minor Bantam (2002) GAME
8:30 pm => Major Bantam (2001) GAME

Tuesday, Sept. 22
8:00 => Minor Midget GAME
9:00 => Major Midget GAME

Wednesday, Sept 23
5:30 => Minor Novice (2008) DRAFT DAY
6:30 pm => Major Novice (2007) DRAFT DAY
7:30 pm => Minor Bantam GAME
8:30 pm => Major Bantam GAME

Thursday, Sept 24
8:00 => Minor Midget GAME
9:00 => Major Midget GAME

Friday, Sept 25
4:30 => Minor Tyke (2010) DRAFT DAY
5:30 pm => Major Tyke (2009) DRAFT DAY
6:30 pm => Minor Atom (2006) DRAFT DAY
7:30 pm => Major Atom (2005) DRAFT DAY

Saturday, Sept 26
10:30 am => Tyke (2009 & 2010)
12:00 pm => Minor Novice GAME
1:00 pm => Major Novice GAME
2:00 pm => Minor Atom GAME
3:00 pm => Major Atom GAME
4:00 pm => Minor PeeWee GAME
5:00 pm => Major Peewee GAME
Posted on Monday, Aug 31, 2015


The First Shift Welcome Event has been set for:  Wednesday, October 28th @ 6:30 pm (*upstairs at the Jordan Arena).
Program Description
Posted on Monday, Jul 06, 2015


Do you know of a young person between the ages of 6 & 10 that has never played our great game of hockey and might be interested in trying the sport?  

Introducing THE FIRST SHIFT.

Designed to help your child fall in love with hockey before you buy all the gear, our six-week learn to play program focuses on having fun while learning basic skills. 

Equipment is included with registration, which is only $199.

The First Shift is a program designed to ease kids and their families into the sport of hockey in a fun and friendly environment.   We begin with a Welcome Event, offering information and activities to help build kids’ confidence and make them, and their parents, more comfortable in the hockey environment.  The program includes 6 on ice sessions - one per week on the same day, at the same time to make it convenient for parents to schedule.  The focus for the on ice sessions is fun, teaching kids basic skating and fundamental hockey skills through play. 

The registration fee is $199 and includes:

·        Welcome session- information, education & equipment fit session

·        6 on ice sessions

·        Head to toe hockey equipment

The First Shift Welcome Event Date – Date in October TBC (*details to follow)
Posted on Saturday, Jun 06, 2015

Director of Hockey Operations

  • The JLMHA Executive has created a "Director of Hockey Operations" position to over see the administration of the league when a president has not been elected.  This position would involve oversight, communications, coordinating volunteers, chairing executive meetings & discipline committee meetings, to act as a liaison with the Town of Lincoln & OMHA, special event planning, & problem solving.  

  • This position will : 
    • be selected by the Executive
    • have no voting privileges 
    • receive limited compensation
    • have a 2 year term with an annual review

  • Any interested parties that would like their name considered by the Executive for the position should contact Rob Tallman at before May 15th.
Posted on Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015

House League Registration NOW OPEN

House League Registration for 2015-2016 now open. There will be no increase to registration fees. 
Posted on Monday, Mar 30, 2015



About Jordan Lions Minor Hockey -- Our Programs:

Jordan offers the Town of Lincoln residents the opportunity to have steady Saturday games up to the Peewee age group. The Jordan family consists of players primarily from the Town of Lincoln (Jordan, Beamsville and Vineland) but also accepts non-resident players into it's house-league program.  

The Tyke program operates more like a hockey school teaching them essential skills along with fun scrimmages for the kids. Our Novice to Midget divisions offer a great opportunity to build confidence and skill through our House-league program. A Rostered Select program gives excelling players an additional opportunity to test their skills against other centres running similar programs.  

Just minutes from Beamsville, Jordan Station is at the East end of the Town of Lincoln next to Vineland Station. 

Jordan Minor Hockey

Currently Jordan Lions Minor Hockey offers one of the best House-league programs in Ontario with all our divisions playing their house-league hockey at the Jordan Arena.

This is complemented by an OMHA Rostered Select program that allows the top house-league players from the Town of Lincoln an opportunity to play other centres' top house-league players in an exhibition and tournament format.


Register in Jordan now to be part of one of the best hockey programs in Canada.

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